You should choose a resume format at the start of your administrative assistant resume writing process. A specialised resume template will assist you in gathering the necessary information and organising it properly. Reverse-chronological is the optimum format for all types of administrative resumes.

The first step in emailing a cover letter and resume is to save them as a PDF or Word document (.doc or.docx). A PDF will maintain the formatting, but you can also send a cover letter by email.

Use your entire name as the document’s name so the recipient knows whose documents they are.

People who don’t know how to send a cover letter and resume by email should remember to include the subject line. A recruiter may not even open your email if this small detail is missing. A excellent subject line includes the whole name as well as the job title.

You should compose a small accompanying message if you saved both of your papers in the correct format but still don’t know how to email a cover letter and resume.

If you attach application documents, write merely a subject line, note that both documents are attached, offer more information, and let the receiver know how to reach you. If you send a cover letter by email, make sure it is properly formatted.

Your email with a cover letter and resume must include your full name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile, if you have one. Other professional-related social media profiles can be included. Don’t forget to double-check your email before sending it.

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