LinkedIn profile creation

LinkedIn profile is important for job seekers to explain their past experience and skills to future recruiters and hiring managers of organisations. LinkedIn profile creation service offer uses Linkedin banner, candidate image, bio, education and past job writeup service.


LinkedIn profile writing service

A Linkedin profile writer is skilled at LinkedIn profile writing service with résumé writing across industry sectors, and knows how to make the best of LinkedIn profile.

Rs.10,000/- for twice weekly

LinkedIn profile optimisation

This service is for SEO optimized service for LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Rs.5,000/- for 5 keywords

Linkedin business page

The key things that we want to make sure to include in your description are your company mission, who you serve, how you can help, and what to do next. A call to action. We do the following

  • Start with your business story. …
  • Define your business purpose and mission. …
  • List your business products and services. …
  • Make it easy to get in touch. …
  • business showcase recognitions and awards. …
  • Include testimonials of your business. …
  • Detail employee demographics and statistics. …
  • Finish with a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Detailed company description will resonate with an audience.

Rs.10,000/- 2 posts per for company

Custom ATS compliant CV writing services

The Custom ATS compliant CV service promises ATS-friendly resumes, with all the keywords and proper formats, professional writers, and on-time delivery. Custom ATS compliant Resume creation is a four-step process:

  • You choose a type of document and submit an order.
  • You fill in the questionnaire to let a writer know you better.
  • A writer arranges the information in an attractive form.
  • You get a finished document in 3-5 business days.


CSuite (AVP,VP,CEO,CTO,CIO,COO) CV services

The C-suite CV writing services is designed holistically to project the role of individual in developing the organization’s strategy, maximizing organizational effectiveness and performance, leading each of the organization’s core business functions, executing large-scale organizational initiatives.This term is used because most of these corporate titles begin with the term “Chief”. Coordinating high-level relationships with other business partners,managing the managers within each business department,
critical decisions that guide an organization, its operations, and its people.C-suite CV writing services takes time to write after understanding the future job description and roles.


Interview preparation mockup

A mock interview is a practice interview, but you need to take it seriously, just as you would an actual job interview. Consider the mock interview as a dress rehearsal. Keep the following things in mind to ace your mock interview. We offer on demand Interview preparation mockup services for all sectors, all job designations after a self discovery call with the client.

Rs30,000/- (7sessions)

Linkedin content likes,shares,comments

The popularity of a Linkedin content uploaded could be defined by the amount of time people spend interacting with it. Linkedin content likes is what we ensure that you get. For Linkedin content shares, Linkedin content comment services we guarantee increasing traction and visibility with geometric proportion with the tenure with us. Remember your Linkedin post proves this more than a long thread of comments underneath a post, the more engagement you are able to create with audience.

Rs.3,000/- for 100

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